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How to Help in Case of Calamities

31 Jan

It was in September when I wrote about how a typhon became Mindanao’s unconventional promoter.

Month’s later, tropical storm Sendong came to prove natural disasters are no joking matter. It wasn’t as strong as Pedring but it still ravaged parts of northern Mindanao.

Storm Sendong

It has been over a month since the disaster but the victims are still struggling to recover.

Very recently, parts of Western Visayas was devastated by a magnitude 6.9 earthquake with several strong aftershocks. It left many misplaced, hungry, in bad shape, even traumatized.

There seems to be no end. Calamities are hitting our country one after another.

It’s a trifling thing. What is there we can do to help the least of our brethren stricken by misfortune?

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