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7 Important Tips on Tip Giving

28 Jan

Are the people around you in constant need of tips and advice?

Do you have a strong want to help them out?

Don’t you have anything else to blog about?

Lucky for you, I have the greatest guide on how to give people tips!

You’ll be giving people tips like a pro in no time!

It’ll not only help others but it’ll also largely boost your dwindling or already overflowing ego in return.

Take a pen and a paper and take note of the following things you surely won’t want to miss! Continue reading


Online Stalking Tips For Amateurs

17 May

Feel a strong admiration for somebody, even towards a total stranger on the web?

Single and in need to mingle from afar?

Weird, aloof with strong obsessive tendencies?

Why not try the most ancient internet craze?!

Go ONLINE STALKING. Continue reading