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A Diplomatic Solution to the Spratlys Dispute- The Filipino Way

18 Jun

The Philippines first took claim of the then called Kalayaan Group of Islands in 1956. Two decades later, it was discovered that the place was rich in oil and natural gases. Ever since then, disputes over what we now know as Spratlys Islands heated.

Among all the Nations vying over the potentially wealthy islands, China and Vietnam had contested over it on several occasions resulting in sunken ships and countless deaths. Both claim historical rights over Spratlys dating who knows when.

Now, the Philippines is taking a stand. After all, based on the international convention on the laws of the sea, the country has rightful claim over Spratlys Islands. What can a poor country with scarcely enough resources on its own take on a super power nation whose economy is closely linked to its own? Continue reading


Online Stalking Tips For Amateurs

17 May

Feel a strong admiration for somebody, even towards a total stranger on the web?

Single and in need to mingle from afar?

Weird, aloof with strong obsessive tendencies?

Why not try the most ancient internet craze?!

Go ONLINE STALKING. Continue reading


15 May

Have you ever tried sorting all sorts of junk seemingly falling on you?

Ever wished of having something useful instead of the useless things you’re getting?

Ever wished your piling problems were gone?

You heard of Tetris before? Continue reading

Singles’ Survival Guide

14 May

With almost seven billion people on earth, you still find yourself single.

You laugh at the enormous joke the cosmos is playing on you.

You figured, there must be somebody out there for you.

It just so happens you haven’t really met that person yet.

Your patience is growing thinner while your libido is overflowing.

You ask yourself how on earth will you keep on living.

… how will you be able to bear much more of the torment of being single from conception to the end of your teenhood.

Your loneliness is consuming you.

Luckily, you found this blog written by a twenteensomething year old who managed to survive a whopping over two decades of life without any close and lasting intimate interpersonal relationship.

What stroke of luck. You read the following tips on surviving life with zero intimacy. Continue reading

We’re Special

13 May

Signs of Autism

Yesterday I read an article about Aspergers, a kind of autism. At an instant I thought of my brother. I was fixated on showing it to him who apparently exhibited the same symptoms of significant difficulties in social interaction, along with restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior and interests, clumsiness, and atypical use of language. In my mind, I had a picture of me laughing blissfully out loud as I teased my dear younger brother. Then I had second thoughts. Continue reading