Project Lightyear is a list of things I want to do in this lifetime. It’s a bucket list to say the least. Some may be absurd but some are doable. Some I want to do for others, while the rest are more personal. It’s named after the beloved dueteragonist of the Toy Story Trilogy, Buzz Lightyear.


Adopt a dog

Build a school

Celebrate my birthday with orphans and neglected elders

Donate a large sum of hard earned money to the poor

Earn a doctorate degree

Frolic carelessly in a flowery meadow

Go on a medical mission in Africa

Have a rest house built up in the mountains or on top of a tree

Interview a vampire

Jump off a bridge with a bungee line

Know more about traditional medicine used all over the world

Learn to speak new languages

Marry a writer OR a photographer OR a nurse OR a doctor OR all of the above

Navigate through the stars

Obtain a doctorate degree in Philosophy

Publish a book

Question the queen of England politely

Read all the timeless classics

Sky dive with a loved one

Taste every kind of food that ever existed

Underwater adventure with whales

Visit the most spiritual and holiest of places: India, the Mecca and the Vatican

Write for a local, national and international publication

Xplore the Philippines on a Bicycle

Yoga in India

Zealously complete PROJECT LIGHTYEAR 



deuteragonist is the second most important character because apparently, we can’t all be protagonists (all the time).

Buzz Lightyear came out of his box thinking he was some sort of space ranger on an alien planet. When he found out he was just a toy, his world shattered. When he accepted himself for who and what he really was, he made lots of good things for toys and kids alike (including a 2nd movie (where he was given a big break) and a third one that was just as beautiful as the first two).


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