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Zombie Apocalypse to Fail in PHILIPPINES

26 Oct

Ako si Isko

The zombies are coming!

The world is on a countdown. A zombie apocalypse is imminent.  News is all over the net. The exact time, place and cause remains a mystery but it’s bound to happen. When it does, the zombie apocalypse will plague the world like wildfire.

Well, for the rest of the world maybe.

There’s no question whether a zombie apocalypse will happen but surely, it’ll fail in the Philippines. Why would a zombie apocalypse fail in the Philippines? Continue reading


Isko the Magical Zombie Naga Knight

15 Sep

Perfectly normal magic wielding interracial knight class

I was told I was adopted and my real parents were… weird. I had a mother who was half human and half serpent. My father was a troll. I think it’s funny. I’m completely normal. Continue reading