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Pedring: Mindanao’s Unconventional Promoter

27 Sep
Is Pedring trolling us?

As we commemorate Ondoy’s 2nd year anniversary, we boast the lessons learned from the disastrous event. Pedring comes sweeping almost all of Luzon like an unannounced but anticipated post test we students dread. And perhaps an unconventional promoter? Continue reading



26 Aug

General Santos City– videos of a tall and fabulously colorful local celebrity went viral on the net. The videos went viral even before the organizers formally released them to the public.

Talk about spoilers

Continue reading

Featured Blogs: Kwento ni Abby

27 May

Urban Dictionary hilariously defines a blog as meandering, blatantly uninteresting online diary that gives the author the illusion that people are interested in their stupid, pathetic life.

It just so happens I found a particular blog that disproves  Urban Dictionary’s user submitted definition. Continue reading

Speedlinks for the Bored

26 May


Here are some sites I recommend. Continue reading