Amazing People 2012

1 Mar

With the recently concluded Grammy’s and Oscar’s awards, I feel it’s time to recognize some people who made the previous year amazing while showing great promise for the year at hand.

Wilson Go

Toni Boboni was once featured in a post here. Of all the people I know, he deserves a very special recognition. His positive outlook in life is epic. It took him over half a decade to finish studying nursing. He stumble a couple a times but he carried on to push forward. When he took the nursing licensure exam for the first time, he wasn’t fortunate enough to be part of the 40% who passed. Instead of sulking and forgetting about his dream to become a registered nurse (like some people I know), he gave the exam another Go and he passed with flying colors.

I promised a sequel to his story but I feel now is not yet the time. This is but the beginning of something wonderful.

Christine Osorio

Tinay is a good friend of mine. We have constant communication through social networking sites and blogs. Her strength and conviction is the stuff of legends. Tinay recently gave birth to a beautifully bouncing baby girl. It came as a surprise even to us, her close friends. On one faithful night, she just texted me she just gave birth to a baby without going through pregnancy! Well, of course she did go through pregnancy – all 9 months of it but she never told anybody. Legend has it even her mother didn’t know about her pregnancy, only after her water broke. I was with her by August of last year and even I didn’t notice her being pregnant that time!

Anybody in her circumstance would have considered not having the baby. If they did decided to keep the baby, they would whine on FB every single moment of every single day. I know somebody in particular who kept on posting about being pregnant for at least 20 months.

Now she’s a dedicated single mother persevering to give the best to her most beloved baby! She’s also a very talented blogger.


Marius Dideles

Majds is a remarkable all-around artist. He calls himself the black sheep of the family because everyone else is wearing white medical coats. Sure, he tried to follow his parents’ footsteps but he was just fated to walk a different path. Now, he’s making a name for himself as an artist, a musician, a blogger and even an entrepreneur. There’s no telling where he’ll be off to next.

 Mylene Grace Romero

I’ve known Mylz ever since kindergarten. She used to be a little awkward girl with glasses. Through time, she gradually transformed much like the ugly duckling who grew up into an elegant and beautiful swan. I’m sure she knows.

I admire her because she accepted my challenge to become a fashion blogger. She not only accepted it, she did so seriously and with gusto unlike any other. From the once a dorky girl who was always picked on, she’s now a respectable fashion blogger dwelling in desire’s lair.

Daryl Rosales

 The first time I was fortunate enough to work with Daorui, it was in the school publication. He first submitted his works as a contributor. When I asked him to make the cover of the literary folio, he did it in a way which exceeded my expectations.

Though often underrated, he’s actually a skilled sketch artist, graphic artist and lay-out artist. He makes his art not to impress but to express.

Pamela Babasa

I knew pam from grade school. We were classmates. I don’t know much about her because we’ve only recently reacquainted through social networking and blogs. She’s a talented writer. Her blog may be simplistic and not very well-known to many but her literary works are some of the best I’ve read. I see something in her. Someday she’ll be  something big. Thus so, she deserves this recognition.


Know anybody with an amazing story to tell? Contact me. I’d like to know more about them!


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