Love and Anatomy

14 Feb

Love is in the air.

Who is there to blame?!

“Certainly not me,” our guest exclaims.

We’ve invited a person whose friends with world-renowned love experts, Dr. Eros Weh.

“Allow me to explain. Love can be attributed to human anatomy and physiology.

“Let’s take a look”

The Brain “The Alleged Mastermind”

As the control center of the body, it’s responsible for coordinating and controlling bodily functions. Most noteworthy is the amygdala which is responsible for emotions and motivations related to survival. Animals have bigger amygdalas but it seems as though humans are more in to love, so to speak.

Also, many researchers say mapped in our brains is our potential mate or our ideal partners. Though there is already a geneto-evolutionary blueprint, it is still largely affected by several factors like environment and exposure to various stimuli.

Still, the brain claims innocence for the phenomena of love. After all, there are some actions which the brain cannot consciously control like the fight or flight response. Despite being billions of years advanced in terms of complexity and development, only a small part of the brain is really used.

We can’t blame the brain for claiming innocence. Sometimes, it doesn’t know what it does and often bickers within itself. The brain is composed of three ‘selves’- the id, ego and superego. Id being all that is infantile and primitive within us and the blind instincts of sexual desire and aggression. Id is opposed by Superego. Superego is rigid, punishing and repressive. It’s an inheritance of the repression of parents and the restriction of society. Ego deals with the world of reality but is constantly affected by the demands of Id and Superego. Yeah. The Brain is pretty conflicted.

The Heart “The Poorly Accused”

The heart is the most iconic especially during the love season. If love was a crime, most would point the heart as the main culprit.

The brain blames the heart for all matters about love. It’s even said the heart and the brain don’t really get along with each other. They used to be best of friends until widespread changes happened to the body they shared.

Truthfully, the heart doesn’t really do anything that has something to do with love. It just spends each second of its life pumping blood all throughout the body. It’s really ironic how the heart is associated with love. If the heart would just stop even for a little while just to think about love, the body will crash.

The heart says it’s too busy and important to love and to tell someone to love. Still it is clear, the heart is in an intimate oxygenating and de-carbonizing relationship with the lungs.

The Liver “Love’s Victim”

We can’t generalize but when people are happy, they drink. When they’re down, they drink. When they want to forget about everything entirely even for a while, they drink. Who has to clean up all the mess? The liver.

To think the poor liver can only process 10 ml of alcohol in an hour.

The poor liver also suffers from binge eating either from filling the void of heartbreak or passionate angry love eating. If only the liver had things its own way, it wants nothing to do with love but alas, the liver is a  victim of love.

The Gonads “The Important Little Buggers”

Also known as sex glands. They’re the testicles for the men and the ovaries for the women.

Being sex glands, it is commonly assumed they have everything to do with the act of love-making and that their functions are limited to sex.

Gonads are producers of hormones used to stimulate various functions and development of structure at particular times of the life cycle. They make boobs bigger, buttocks heftier, skin firmer, hair thicker etc. In a way, they can’t be blame for love because they’re not directly involved unless people wrongly interchange love and attraction.

Contrary to popular belief, they don’t just work on ones sexual characteristics. Thy also play a large role in many of the bodies processes. For one the immune system is very much influenced by sex hormones. People should always have some level of sex hormones in them, regardless of our age. The sex glands control mechanism to keep these levels appropriate.

The Conclusion

Truth be told, love shouldn’t be blamed on anyone or anything. It’s a wonderfully magical thing the lives and breathes and grows and multiplies. Love is one of life’s many great splendors.

Still, if there’s something to blame, it’s definitely the brain. At least the id part. And the ego for giving in to the desires of id.

Also, the body secretes pheromones, an almost magical substance that makes people do the most absurd things… but that is a topic for next time.

Tune in ’til then!



6 Responses to “Love and Anatomy”

  1. jazfagan 02/14/2012 at 7:05 pm #

    Isko thank you for the ping back on my article…I very much liked yours as well….Peace Jaz

    • Isko 02/14/2012 at 11:56 pm #

      Thanks for reading :D

  2. Mylz R. 02/15/2012 at 3:13 am #

    “I am Desire, Am i not? That is what am, that is what i do. I make things want things.” – Desire of the Endless
    Blame him/her. :D

    Also, the body secretes pheromones, an almost magical substance that makes people do the most absurd things… but that is a topic for next time. – LOL. Now i’d really want to read that. :D

    • Isko 02/16/2012 at 12:02 am #

      Because pheromones are that special. They deserve a post of their own.

      • Mylz R. 02/16/2012 at 12:22 am #

        goody goody! i love em pheromones. <3

  3. Johan 02/22/2012 at 4:18 pm #

    Good info, thanks :D

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