7 Important Tips on Tip Giving

28 Jan

Are the people around you in constant need of tips and advice?

Do you have a strong want to help them out?

Don’t you have anything else to blog about?

Lucky for you, I have the greatest guide on how to give people tips!

You’ll be giving people tips like a pro in no time!

It’ll not only help others but it’ll also largely boost your dwindling or already overflowing ego in return.

Take a pen and a paper and take note of the following things you surely won’t want to miss!

  1. Make a strong and captivating introduction. Make people believe that they actually need tips. Your tips are nothing without an introduction. It may be very well a shopping list for all people care. How will you be able to persuade people into reading your tips? What makes your tips stand-out from the rest? Do people actually need your tips? Quote famous personalities or ask questions, even tell an anecdote. It’s up to you. While you’re at it, stand by for my blog post about how to write an effective introduction. It doesn’t have to be long, the introduction can be very brief but concise.
  2. Express yourself in a way that you’re most comfortable in. How is that? Blogging is one way. I always encourage people to blog. It’s a great way to express. Another is through pictures. Take pictures or draw them. Try making a music video or sing a favorite song. You ask why do you have to express yourself? How will people be able to understand your tips if you’re unable to express it in an effective way? You need to first express yourself before you can move on to the next tip, which is:
  3. In every set of tips you make, encourage people to express. Catharsis is the healthy expression of thoughts and emotions. Ask them how. Allow people to ponder a bit as they read. Afterwards, tell them how to. Try to tell them blogging is a good idea because it always is. If they’re not into writing they’re probably into pictures or music, tell them to do that.
  4. Look at your previous tip, take it, and let another one stem from it. It’s like you’re making a chain of consistent and relevant thoughts. Let your ideas flow freely like a clear and beautiful river people can wallow in all day long
  5. State the obvious and the unobvious. This tip can’t be obvious enough. Stating the obvious will allow retention and understanding while stating the unobvious provide leads as to where the tips are coming and going.
  6. As much as possible, site references to increase your credibility as a tip giver. Experts say people are more likely to believe in things if backed up by studies and literature compared to those that are not.
  7. Don’t forget your parting statement. Your parting statement should be as good as your introduction, if not, even better. For one, encourage people to do something. Your tips shouldn’t fall on deaf ears. Elicit feedback from people whom you’re giving tips to. Ask them whether or not your tips had been helpful. Ask them if there’s something else they’d like to add. Also, your parting statement should encourage people to return to you. You know your tip giving has been effective if people will come back to you for more. Before you know it, everyone will go to you for those oh-so-precious tips.

Now that you’re armed with a full arsenal of tip giving knowledge, go to the world and spread good vibes.

Try to help out as much people in need as possible.

While you’re at it, learn from people as well. A nugget of wisdom from others may be more valuable than that you already own.

I bet you’ve learned a lot, haven’t you? Feel free to send me feedback. Keep checking out this blog for more.


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