Anti-Planking Act is Anti-Sense?

21 Sep

Ever since planking took to fame via the wondrous worldwide web, people either loved it or hated it.

For most, they loved the comedic beauty of it.

A little bit to the left, bud

For some, they just saw it as lame propaganda.

They obviously don't get it

orly nao?

But a law against planking?

So, some 20 student protesters laid face down on the pavement in 10- to 15-minute intervals at the corner of España and M. Dela Fuente Street very recently.

Then for some really strange reasons, Quezon City Representative Winston Castelo suddenly decided to file an anti-planking act. The good representative feared “that planking will be used as a template of subsequent street rallies or protest actions initiated by students to express redress of grievances against the status quo.”

The world already has its abundance of odd laws but the Anti-Planking Act of 2011 takes the pill for being one of the most noteworthy. A legal act against planking? Seriously?

About to assume the planking position in protest to the anti-planking act of 2011

Students planked in protest. Big deal. Sure, traffic was disrupted but is planking really to blame? Is the Anti-planking bill really sensible? It’s not hard to tell which is more absurd: planking or the anti-planking act.

In the proposed Act, the Explanatory Note said, “Parents and teachers have reason to be alarmed if these similar protest actions will have as a scheme and scene otherwise warm and living bodies laid down across street highways as though they were offerings to the gods”. For a copy of the bill (and a link to Rep. Castelo’s facebook fan page) click here.

The Philippines has earned a spot in for the color coding scheme but at least its actually something that is pretty useful. The Anti-Planking Act is just laughable.

Sure, people did this:

Policemen seriously considering trying planking

It’s not like every protest will include planking as hardcore as this:

It's the Beibs on a whale!




Holy mother of all that is good... HOW DID HE GET THERE?!

Planking as a form of protest is actually but a modification of  the very popular protest ‘die-ins‘. Instead of facing up, plankers face down. Wondering why ‘die-ins’ weren’t made illegal? It’s most probably because people back then had sense and actually exerted energy and resources on more important matters.

If the good representative’s intention was to get media hype, he sure had it in truck loads. He did not only raised a lot of eyebrows, he also aroused a lot of internet trolls.

Trending worldwide~!

Can't help but LQL

What’s next? Will legislators stand up against the evils of owling? Will people file more bills against the very dangerous act of 241543903? Will they finally make horsemaning an act punishable by law? World wide sex strikes?

disclaimer: pics from the web.


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