Isko the Magical Zombie Naga Knight

15 Sep

Perfectly normal magic wielding interracial knight class

I was told I was adopted and my real parents were… weird. I had a mother who was half human and half serpent. My father was a troll. I think it’s funny. I’m completely normal.

I was raised in the monastery by monks. They spent their days pondering and meditating and learning and working and doing boring stuff. Naturally, I had to do the same. It was fine. I learned a lot from the monks. Too bad they had to perish when a plague struck the land. For some reason, I was the only one who survived.

I wandered the land aimlessly until a blind gypsy took me in. She needed the extra pair of hands and eyes. She was very well versed in the arcane arts and she taught me everything she knew. She was a great teacher. She said she saw something in me (no pun intended). Too bad she drowned when a great flood swept the land. It was then I found out I was naturally a good swimmer.

I found myself in the middle of the ocean when I was caught in a net by an overly muscular fisherman. He tried to kill me using his rusty blade but it couldn’t pierce my skin(perhaps because it was too rusty). I was able to defend myself with the magic I learned from the old blind gypsy who passed away. He pleaded me to spare his life. In return, he was to teach me some sword skills. I agreed even though I really had no plans on killing him in the first place.

The boat hit shore after what seemed to be months of drifting in sea. I learned a lot from the fisherman. I buried him right there on the shore. He was a dead man to begin with. When his supply of potions ran out in the middle of the sea, the venom he acquired from the harpies encounter slowly took away his health points. I would have cured him with a simple spell but he didn’t tell me he was poisoned nor that harpies had venom. Another lesson was learned: always bring antidotes (I heard goats kidney stones also work wonders).

The island was hugely deserted. I could only remember a lone tower in the middle was to be seen. I can’t really tell. I had a huge head ache at some point and I fell deeply asleep.

When I woke up, I found myself underground. My body was numb. I couldn’t even feel the weight of the earth crushing me. I clawed myself  out. Surprisingly, it was an easy task. The moon was sublime and full. I saw a silhouette of a young man in dark robes adorned with skulls and bones standing afoot. He offered a heavily ringed hand I cannot feel and helped me out of the mound.

I killed and revived. I was turned into a zombie. Luckily I knew how to deal with the circumstance. I killed the necromancer and stole all his prized equipment and all the treasure he had. I opted for some light armor as it held my flesh together. It also looked cool.

Now, I’ve enlisted myself as a royal knight. I don’t know where my endeavors will take me. Hopefully the royals will trust me as much as to send me to a quest to find the elusive unicorns of Equestria. I better brew up some stronger charm spells.

(This is an entry for a contest by Kristof Tiongson. Check out the fan page, here.)


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