Ms. Universe 2011: Proving People Wrong

13 Sep

The whole universe had its eyes set on Sӑo Paulo, Brazil as the most beautiful was to be crowned. 89 nations vied for the title of Ms. Universe 2011. Each and everyone had their own Favorites.

Capturing the coveted crown

Among all of them, Ms. Leila Lopes of Angola won the crown. She won despite being an apparent underdog nobody expected to win; despite all prejudice and racist remarks. She proved many people wrong.

Her victory is as meaningful as it was momentous. Today, she proved many things.

1. Black really is beautiful.

2. Beauty is no longer based on westerners’ perception of beauty.

Venus Raj? NO! It's Leila Lopes!

3. Then again, beauty is skin deep. It is found within and is emanated with glowing radiance. 

4. Hate speech is always inappropriate.

Is it because she's black?

5. When being judgmental and racist, prepare to eat your own words.

6. Expect the unexpected.

Side by side: did Ms. Lopes expect to reach as far as she had?

7. The Ms. Universe IS a celebration of international beauty.

8. It doesn’t matter if the country you represent is poor.

9. Underdog is but a label.

10. People like labeling.

11. Victory is sweet.

12. Victory for the underdog is even sweeter.

13. People can be bitter and sore losers.

14. People will continue to hate.

15. You can’t please everybody.

16. Still, there will be golden opportunities to bring joy to many.

The top 5 beauties

It’s safe to say, this year’s Ms. Universe was a major (major) success. The pageant has gone a long way. Ms. Universe 2011 proved a lot of people wrong. In the process, she also proved herself right- and that’s all that matters.

disclaimer: pics from the web. Some from tumblr.


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