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Pedring: Mindanao’s Unconventional Promoter

27 Sep
Is Pedring trolling us?

As we commemorate Ondoy’s 2nd year anniversary, we boast the lessons learned from the disastrous event. Pedring comes sweeping almost all of Luzon like an unannounced but anticipated post test we students dread. And perhaps an unconventional promoter? Continue reading


Anti-Planking Act is Anti-Sense?

21 Sep

Ever since planking took to fame via the wondrous worldwide web, people either loved it or hated it.

For most, they loved the comedic beauty of it.

A little bit to the left, bud

For some, they just saw it as lame propaganda.

They obviously don't get it

orly nao?

But a law against planking? Continue reading

Isko the Magical Zombie Naga Knight

15 Sep

Perfectly normal magic wielding interracial knight class

I was told I was adopted and my real parents were… weird. I had a mother who was half human and half serpent. My father was a troll. I think it’s funny. I’m completely normal. Continue reading

Ms. Universe 2011: Proving People Wrong

13 Sep

The whole universe had its eyes set on Sӑo Paulo, Brazil as the most beautiful was to be crowned. 89 nations vied for the title of Ms. Universe 2011. Each and everyone had their own Favorites.

Capturing the coveted crown

Among all of them, Ms. Leila Lopes of Angola won the crown. She won despite being an apparent underdog nobody expected to win; despite all prejudice and racist remarks. She proved many people wrong. Continue reading

Prologue: Ang Kwento ni Toni Boboni

6 Sep

Ito ay paunang salita para sa kwentong itinakda maging napaka dakila-tungkol sa pag-subok, pag-asa at malamang, tagumpay.

Noong ako’y nasa kolehiyo pa, may isang partikular na taong umagaw sa aking pansin. Minsa’y naipanalo nya ang isang paligsahan na literal na nakatali ang isang kamay.

Si Toni Boboni

Nakatali ang isang kamay

Continue reading