World Wide Search for the Woman of my Dreams

28 May

I’m in search of a very particular woman.

I know she’s out there somewhere. I just need some help to search.

How do I begin to describe her? It’s a task that’s not easy yet pleasurable all the same.

She’s comparable to an angel sent to earth. I say she’s almost divine.

Her bright aura radiates all over and permeates to others. She’s highly contagious.

She’s timid most of the time, but she can be the complete opposite once you know her.

She smells like freshly baked sweets, the ones I love the most.

Her hair is long, smooth and silky. She always keeps it prim and proper.

When she decides to cut her long flowing hair, I still like the way it looks all the same.

Because I see her eyes behind thick spectacles, shying from the world.

I know she loves books even more than I do.

To say her eyes are like shimmering gems would be an understatement. They’re calm, soothing and even alluring.

Her lips are pink like cherry blossoms in spring. Behind they hide pearly whites

She like taking pictures because she sees beauty in the simplest things, probably because she’s also beautiful.

Because she can be a bit sentimental, she loves to catch stars and capture a lot of memories.

She moves in a gracefully yet calculated way. To mean the least, she’s a bit of a perfectionist.

Before she eats her sandwich, she folds her napkin neatly. I love it when she does that.

People say she can be a bit of a control freak. I say it’s alright, even appealing.

I’d like to be tied and choked by her, metaphorically speaking.

Her wits bests even mine. She leaves me crawling on all fours, at lost for words.

I heard she dreams of kissing underneath fireworks display. I dream of being with her no matter what.

I know she’s out there somewhere. I just need some help to search.


3 Responses to “World Wide Search for the Woman of my Dreams”

  1. Amie 06/10/2011 at 2:09 pm #

    You’re right Isko, she’s just out there. They say “there is time for everything.” In His perfect time, you’ll meet your dream girl, exactly the way you described her in this post…I like your blog, it’s light, with a touch of humor.

    • Isko 06/17/2011 at 3:19 am #

      Wow. Thanks for sparing a moment to read my posts.

      I believe I’ve already met the woman of my dreams. I just let her slip pass me so easily. I should have clipped her wings and made her mine for all eternity.

      About my blog, I try to keep it as simple as it is. No point in inducing headaches for my readers.

      Fair wishes to you and your family~

  2. Anonymous 11/30/2011 at 1:05 pm #

    has she read this?

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