Featured Blogs: Kwento ni Abby

27 May

Urban Dictionary hilariously defines a blog as meandering, blatantly uninteresting online diary that gives the author the illusion that people are interested in their stupid, pathetic life.

It just so happens I found a particular blog that disproves  Urban Dictionary’s user submitted definition.

Kwento ni Abby (Abby’s story) is an interesting blog containing original stories written by Valerie Osuna, a promising and aspiring writer in her teens.

I personally knew her back in college when I was still part of the student publication. She had an almost tangible air that not many others had. It was what talented writers had. Sure enough, she proved to me how talented she in more than a handful of circumstances.

Her stories are based on current events, real-life, personal events, with some added twist to form good fictional plots.

Her stories are well written and are often inspiring, alluring and really enjoyable. They’re quite good reads which will make you want more.

In addition, because her stories are based on real-life events, you can bet you’re ingesting a small yet important part of her whenever you read.

I highly recommend checking her blog out. 


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