Speedlinks for the Bored

26 May


Here are some sites I recommend.

I found this bumper list of things to do when well and truly bored quite interesting. It even gives an amusement potential rating to the activities listed.

This site about boredom makes fighting boredom sound a bit like trolling. You’ll be amazed of what people will do if bored.

Bored? Try to fight the urge to press the red button.

Have you ever wondered what to do if ever you become an internet meme? I found this site helpful.

Did you know that you could charter a private jet online, star in your own reality TV show, or download songs as you drive your car? That’s just the beginning. This site offers 30 things you probably didn’t know you can do on the net.

Like answering and asking questions because school wasn’t enough? This site will let you connect with people will doing just that.

Drunk and bored? Have you asked yourself what to do? This site answers every drunk bored persons question!

How about you follow me on tumblr?

There’s a lot of things to do when bored. You just have to find out where to look.


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