What’s Your Favorite Position?

20 May

Today we tackle an age-old question: What is your favorite position?

Surely you’ve been asked this very important question more than a handful of times.

What did you answer? Were you quite sure of your answer?

Have you tried any other position? Have you ever experienced crossing lines others dare not to?

Again I ask you, what is your favorite position?

The Rock Hard

Your positions are as solid as a rock. Whenever you take a stand, you’re solidly confident about it. Sometimes, you can get overly confident. You can’t be persuaded by others. Even if you know you’re wrong and you’ve made the wrong choice. You are fueled by strong pride. It’s the most important thing for you.

The Marshmallow

You take on a position, either yes or no. You are open-minded. At times, you are too much of an open-minded person, your brain falls off. You are easily persuaded to switch positions when somebody presents you with a seemingly believable evidence. Your positions don’t last long. People know and often takes advantage of it.

The Non-conformist

You don’t like things that are mainstream. You hate something once everybody begins to like it. You have a neurotic need to be different from everybody else. So, your positions are always unpopular. If everybody is saying yes, you’ll say no. If everybody is saying no, you’ll say yes just for the pure act of being a non-conformist. You love being the odd one out.

The Ambivalent

Something wrong must have happened to you that hindered your decision-making skills. You don’t have any idea on what position you want to take. It’s not that you don’t want to take any sides. The problem with you is that you want both sides. You want to be in the YES group as well as in the NO group. You want to be PRO yet you also want to be ANTI. You can’t make up your mind.

The Exhibitionist (aka Butterfly, Band-wa-goner)

You are the complete opposite of the Ambivalent kind. You want to be in the middle because you have a strong want to be in both sides. You jump from one position to another when conveniently necessary for you especially in conversations. You are good at measuring what people are and you give them what they want to hear. Your colors are fabulously blinding. Nobody suspects you to be a snake packed with venom.

The Postman or Footloose

Your answer is never a concrete yes or a concrete no. You always have a footnote or post note attached to position you take. Your decisions always have strings attached. You’re a YES if… You’re a NO if…

 The Critical

Ideally the best kind of position though it’s not the most popular. Their decisions are weighed first against pros and cons. You might see them as somebody others look up to. Sometimes their decisions are hugely unpopular. but rest assured, they are well thought of.

You can’t claim to have the Critical thinker position as your favorite unless you let it show.  They’re an endangered lot. You can choose to be one of the above mentioned, or you can be a critical thinker.

Your favorite position dictates your life. After all, life IS a series of decision-making.


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