To Heaven and Back

16 May

One day, I found myself in Heaven.
It was found at the center of the universe.
It was where everything began.
I wandered through space and time before I got there.
It looked like a giant ethereal ring.
Much like the moon’s halo, only more sublime.
It was a strange yet magnificent place.

I hovered for a while.
The giant ring was actually a large circular platform.
On it seemed to be a brightly lit thriving metropolis.
I took solid steps upon the golden streets.
I marveled at Heaven’s wonder.

Towering structures stretched beyond sight.
Upon closer inspection, the buildings were alive!
Covered in lustrous silver, earthly ochre and luscious green,
the towers spewed waterfalls falling endlessly.
Floating flowers filled the air with alluring fragrance.
Sure enough I knew I was in paradise.
Surprisingly, there were people there.
All of them youthful and beautiful, tall and fair.
They hovered the ground like graceful swans.
They weren’t surprised a bit to see one as me.
Then they welcomed my weary soul with open arms.
With just their thoughts, they said I was in Heaven.
Deep down, I already knew.
They said they’d offer me food if they could,
sadly they don’t eat like mere humans do.
They fed on the energies of the universe.
So I tried to do what the did.
I closed my eyes and felt the air.
Strangely, universal energy was sweet like honey.
I think they called it ambrosia.
I felt greatly satiated and delighted.
The people there was kind enough to entertain me
Despite the fact I was a wandering stranger.
They took me to a splendid tour.
They were kind enough to answer every question I asked.
They explained they were not humans, by our standards.
A strange light apparently embraced them,
a mysteriously comforting air surrounded them.
They were messengers, guardians and artisans,
free from illness, disability and death.
They are what humans will be one day.
That is, if we humans play our cards right.
Heaven was found in the center of the universe.
It circled a great dense mass.
From it, the universe began.
It was where the planets, sun, moon and stars emerged.
It emitted cosmic energy supposedly found in everything.
Towards it, everything returns at some point.
The soul of those who perished are reaped by them, the angels.
Into the great dense mass they return,
to fuel the never-ending cycle of the universe.
I was told to take great heed.
The great dense mass was, in fact, alive,
much like everything else in the universe.
After all, it’s one great entity made up of countless collective souls.
Constantly, it beckons to be heard for it has a lot to tell
but it is often deafly and bluntly ignored.
I wasn’t given a chance to talk with the mass
but I felt it veil me with soothing warmth.
My hosts were kind enough to tour me some more.
They showed me a bit more of Heaven.
From the distance I saw a bright red orb.
It pulled me closer and closer.
I was like a little blind moth to a bright red flame.
As I drew closer a hand pulled me back.
I never felt as grateful ever before.
I was saved from an eternity in flames.
They said it is where corrupt souls go.
They don’t blame me for being attracted to the big red orb.
It constantly needs fuel to survive,
thus so, it sends out negative energies to corrupt the weak.
Honestly I never understood what they said.
Unfortunately, the wisdom I mustered at that time wasn’t enough.
Why was I brought to Heaven you ask?
To be perfectly honest, I don’t know.
I was just one of the lucky ones I guess.
I was brought back to earth with booze in hand and some pills.
I tell you I was in Heaven and back.
And it was a glorious and magnificent place.

P.S. 9/27/2011 I accidentally found the picture below on the web a few months after I wrote this. It’s something close to what I described above.


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