15 May

Have you ever tried sorting all sorts of junk seemingly falling on you?

Ever wished of having something useful instead of the useless things you’re getting?

Ever wished your piling problems were gone?

You heard of Tetris before?

Who hasn’t? Surely you’re not living under a rock, are you?

Most probably you remember the delight of playing the game for the very first  time. Either you played it on crude game consoles known as family computers, or in rather heavy yet portable hand held devices such like ‘brick games’.

I bet you still remember the joy of playing for long hours. And you’ve tried out every playing position humanly possible. You still remember the exhilarating feel of the game. You were crazy about it.

That was, until newer and better games came out. And then you grew old. Then you forgot how to enjoy simpler things in life.

Now, Tetris Battle has gained undeniable popularity in Facebook. It’s a new twist to the classic favorite.

It’s rekindling remaining embers of childhood with its nostalgic feel and exciting gameplay.

Who knew making Tetris a multiplayer game would be a big hit?

To think it used to be a game played in solitude. And when two or more people decide to join in, it ends up in chaos.

If you think about it, life is a lot like Tetris.

1. You begin with a sense of eagerness.

2. You can have a game plan but things don’t exactly go the way you planned it.

3. You can reduce the level of difficulty since you have options but doing so will just take the fun out of life.

4.Sometimes things can be annoying and repetitive.

5. You can’t have too much of anything.

6. It’s good to listen to others’ advice but you ultimately decide how to sort things out.

7. Newer doesn’t necessarily mean better.

8. Life throws a lot of things at you, some of them useful or significant, the others are just to annoy you.

9. You have to sort a lot of random things. It’s called prioritizing.

10. You get points for doing great and bonuses for the awesome things you do.

11. You have to clear out messes before they pile up so high.

12. Things start easily enough then it gets more difficult.

13. Sometimes you do profoundly stupid things.

14. When you mess up, it only means you need to have a break.

15. You need to focus and build your rhythm.

16. Some mistakes can be repaired, some will haunt you for a long time.

17. Be prepared for adversity. You may see it cruel or unfair but it’s all part of life.

18. The higher you go, the more likely you’ll end up bewildered.

19. You’re ultimately fighting against yourself.

20. The game will have to end sooner or later.

21. In the end, you neither win or lose. The sense of victory or accomplishments you have won’t really matter.

22. Other people can learn from the way you played. You can either be a good or a bad example.

23. You’re an important piece. Fill in the gaps.

24. No matter what, you need others too.

Tetris IS a lot like life. It’s remarkably simple, yet remarkably difficult.

How do you handle your life?


(Photo taken and edited a couple of years ago)


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