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World Wide Search for the Woman of my Dreams

28 May

I’m in search of a very particular woman.

I know she’s out there somewhere. I just need some help to search.

How do I begin to describe her? It’s a task that’s not easy yet pleasurable all the same.

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Featured Blogs: Kwento ni Abby

27 May

Urban Dictionary hilariously defines a blog as meandering, blatantly uninteresting online diary that gives the author the illusion that people are interested in their stupid, pathetic life.

It just so happens I found a particular blog that disproves  Urban Dictionary’s user submitted definition. Continue reading

Speedlinks for the Bored

26 May


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21 May


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What’s Your Favorite Position?

20 May

Today we tackle an age-old question: What is your favorite position?

Surely you’ve been asked this very important question more than a handful of times.

What did you answer? Were you quite sure of your answer?

Have you tried any other position? Have you ever experienced crossing lines others dare not to?

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Online Stalking Tips For Amateurs

17 May

Feel a strong admiration for somebody, even towards a total stranger on the web?

Single and in need to mingle from afar?

Weird, aloof with strong obsessive tendencies?

Why not try the most ancient internet craze?!

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To Heaven and Back

16 May

One day, I found myself in Heaven.
It was found at the center of the universe.
It was where everything began.
I wandered through space and time before I got there.
It looked like a giant ethereal ring.
Much like the moon’s halo, only more sublime.
It was a strange yet magnificent place.

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15 May

Have you ever tried sorting all sorts of junk seemingly falling on you?

Ever wished of having something useful instead of the useless things you’re getting?

Ever wished your piling problems were gone?

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