A Diplomatic Solution to the Spratlys Dispute- The Filipino Way

18 Jun

The Philippines first took claim of the then called Kalayaan Group of Islands in 1956. Two decades later, it was discovered that the place was rich in oil and natural gases. Ever since then, disputes over what we now know as Spratlys Islands heated.

Among all the Nations vying over the potentially wealthy islands, China and Vietnam had contested over it on several occasions resulting in sunken ships and countless deaths. Both claim historical rights over Spratlys dating who knows when.

Now, the Philippines is taking a stand. After all, based on the international convention on the laws of the sea, the country has rightful claim over Spratlys Islands. What can a poor country with scarcely enough resources on its own take on a super power nation whose economy is closely linked to its own? Continue reading


Letter to Me

28 Jun

Dear 7-year-old me,

Though self-serving, I bid you greetings of peace and prosperity!

I write to you now from the not-so-distant future. Things are a lot different from 1997 but don’t expect any flying cars and light sabers.

Guess what. I’m a registered nurse! Sadly, I’m not a scientist nor an engineer nor a doctor nor an architect, as you might have dreamed of or will dream of. Still, you should be happy (because you will be anyway). It took a lot of time, effort and resources to get to what and where I am now. It won’t be easy, mind you. You’ll face a lot of hurdles before you get to the finish line. You need sheer confidence, ingenuity, endurance and help from the bonds you’ll make. But I’m getting ahead of myself. In the end, you won’t find any other profession just as rewarding.

I remember 1997 like it was yesterday. It’ll be a great turning point for you. Great changes will come ahead but it’ll all be for the better. Think of this very well for it will help you through your journey. Things will drastically change and you’ll go through a lot but you and your family will pull through.

Go ahead and make mistakes, they’re what will make you stronger. Just don’t forget to learn from them. You’re smart so that won’t be a problem.

Remember I mentioned bonds? They’re pretty important. I know you prefer working alone and that socializing isn’t really your thing but be sure to make friends. You don’t have to try very hard, there will be those who will come naturally. You don’t have to make a lot. Just keep those you have already. You’ll have at least a handful and they’re probably all you need for some time. Also, you’ll find out friendship is able to transcend time and distance, and that kind of friendship will be the one you value most. Still, don’t build your world around them because when they’re gone, your whole life will fall apart. I sound confusingly contradicting but you’ll understand soon enough.

Maybe you’re asking why I suddenly thought of writing you. Mind you, it’s not that all of a sudden. I’ve been thinking about this for some time now. Perhaps I’m just looking for answers in places I haven’t looked yet. Deep down, I know that I know the answers and who is better to help me than me? Don’t worry I’m not in a pile nor am I experiencing midlife crisis at 22. I just need this catharsis I’m getting from communicating with you.

I end my letter here before we both get too emotional and before I reveal too much. It’s best you find out most things for yourself. Trust me, it’s more fun that way!

Amazing People 2012

1 Mar

With the recently concluded Grammy’s and Oscar’s awards, I feel it’s time to recognize some people who made the previous year amazing while showing great promise for the year at hand.

Continue reading

Love and Anatomy

14 Feb

Love is in the air.

Who is there to blame?!

“Certainly not me,” our guest exclaims.

We’ve invited a person whose friends with world-renowned love experts, Dr. Eros Weh.

“Allow me to explain. Love can be attributed to human anatomy and physiology. Continue reading

How to Help in Case of Calamities

31 Jan

It was in September when I wrote about how a typhon became Mindanao’s unconventional promoter.

Month’s later, tropical storm Sendong came to prove natural disasters are no joking matter. It wasn’t as strong as Pedring but it still ravaged parts of northern Mindanao.

Storm Sendong

It has been over a month since the disaster but the victims are still struggling to recover.

Very recently, parts of Western Visayas was devastated by a magnitude 6.9 earthquake with several strong aftershocks. It left many misplaced, hungry, in bad shape, even traumatized.

There seems to be no end. Calamities are hitting our country one after another.

It’s a trifling thing. What is there we can do to help the least of our brethren stricken by misfortune?

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7 Important Tips on Tip Giving

28 Jan

Are the people around you in constant need of tips and advice?

Do you have a strong want to help them out?

Don’t you have anything else to blog about?

Lucky for you, I have the greatest guide on how to give people tips!

You’ll be giving people tips like a pro in no time!

It’ll not only help others but it’ll also largely boost your dwindling or already overflowing ego in return.

Take a pen and a paper and take note of the following things you surely won’t want to miss! Continue reading

Zombie Apocalypse to Fail in PHILIPPINES

26 Oct

Ako si Isko

The zombies are coming!

The world is on a countdown. A zombie apocalypse is imminent.  News is all over the net. The exact time, place and cause remains a mystery but it’s bound to happen. When it does, the zombie apocalypse will plague the world like wildfire.

Well, for the rest of the world maybe.

There’s no question whether a zombie apocalypse will happen but surely, it’ll fail in the Philippines. Why would a zombie apocalypse fail in the Philippines? Continue reading

Lessons Learned From Cooking Pancakes

3 Oct
Pancakes ala Isko

Today, I decided to cook pancakes. I was fortunate enough to buy a mix for a pancake batter some time ago. Like most people cooking pancakes, I learned quite a lot. I think it’s right to share them: Continue reading

Pedring: Mindanao’s Unconventional Promoter

27 Sep
Is Pedring trolling us?

As we commemorate Ondoy’s 2nd year anniversary, we boast the lessons learned from the disastrous event. Pedring comes sweeping almost all of Luzon like an unannounced but anticipated post test we students dread. And perhaps an unconventional promoter? Continue reading